STRANU: Hot Topics in STRANgeness NUclear and Atomic Physics

Zoom Platform (Virtual)

Zoom Platform


Catalina Curceanu (LNF - INFN Frascati), Daniel Gazda, Emiko Hiyama (Kyushu/RIKEN), Fuminori Sakuma (RIKEN Nishina Center of Accelerator-Based Science), Kristian Piscicchia (Centro Fermi - Museo Storico della Fisica e Centro Studi e Ricerche “Enrico Fermi), Pawel Moskal (Jagiellonian University)

The STRANU workshop will focus on the recent results, developments and open questions in the low-energy strangeness physics sector and related areas. The workshop will bring together world-leading experts, young scientists and students, from both the theoretical and experimental sides. The present status and the open topical questions will be discussed, among which the properties of kaonic nuclear matter, the nature of the Lambda(1405) and the role of strangeness in astrophysics. These issues are being addressed worldwide by pioneering groups in strangeness physics, with recent important developments towards their deeper understanding. STRANU is in this context the perfect occasion for taking stock and glance at new horizons.

The workshop will be dedicated to the career, research activities and the fundamental contributions which Prof. Sławomir Wycech has given and continues to give to strangeness nuclear and atomic physics.                       





Secretariat: Staff ECT*