Neutron stars as multi-messenger laboratories for dense matter

Meeting room (ECT* - Villa Tambosi)

Meeting room

ECT* - Villa Tambosi

Strada delle Tabarelle, 286 38123 - Villazzano (TN) Italy
Bruno Giacomazzo (University of Milano), Ingo Tews (INT- University of Washington), Jérôme Margueron (IPN Lyon), Samaya Nissanke (University of Amsterdam), Sebastien Guillot (IRAP, Toulouse/F)

Neutron stars as multi-messenger laboratories for dense matter

The equation of state (EOS) for strongly-interacting matter is of great interest for nuclear physics and astrophysics, and there are strong theoretical, experimental, and observational efforts to elucidate its properties at supra-nuclear densities. Many new observational data from gravitational wave facilities, X-ray satellites, and nuclear experiments are becoming available. This wealth of new results is expected to improve the understanding of  the  neutron-star  core  and  the  supra-nuclear EOS. In the future, even more data is expected from these observatories, requiring us to examine these individual pieces of data, their robustness and precision, to obtain robust constraints on the EOS of dense matter.

A virtual workshop was organized in June 2021, successfully gathering a large number of participants, but with inherent limits reducing discussions to their simplest forms. This in-person workshop will continue where the virtual meeting ended, and enable us to properly address these topics with discussions among participants as expected before the health crisis.

The workshop program for the in-person participants will be discussed at the beginning of the workshop on Monday 20/06 at 9am. All mornings from Monday to Friday will be used for talks and discussion sessions among the in-person participants. The format will be very informal, as expected for a workshop, and if you want to give a talk during the workshop, please have some slides with you for a 20-30minutes talk.


Secretariat: Susan Driessen