Nuclear physics at the edge of stability

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Guillaume Hupin (IJClab, France), Olivier Sorlin (GANIL, France), Alexandra Gade (Michigan State University), Lucas Platter (UTK, United States)

Nuclear physics at the edge of stability

The physics at the edge of the nuclear stability is a multifaceted phenomenon ranging from the cleanest emergence of few-body physics from a set of many interacting nucleons to the complicated evolution of nuclear shells, clustering, evolution of nuclear superfluidity at the drip line as well as abrupt changes in reaction cross-sections. This broad topic has strong connections to nuclear astrophysics, other open quantum systems and to the universal treatment of few-body systems. The objective of this workshop is to bring together various scientific communities which are addressing similar universal concepts and methodologies related to open quantum systems. We plan to review which phenomena are specific to nuclear physics, establish a baseline for the field, and provide, in the future, and with the help of the participants/community, propositions for experimental tools and theoretical models to be developed.


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