Exploring High-MuB Matter with Rare Probes

Aula Renzo Leonardi (ECT* - Trento)

Aula Renzo Leonardi

ECT* - Trento

Strada delle Tabarelle, 286 38123 - Villazzano (TN) Italy
Enrico Scomparin (INFN Torino) , Ralf Rapp (Texas A&M University) , Gianluca Usai (Università di Cagliari and INFN) , Maria Paola Lombardo (INFN - LNF) , Tetyana Galatyuk (Technische Universität Darmstadt)

Exploring High-MuB Matter with Rare Probes

Heavy-ion programs at RHIC and LHC provided unprecedented insights into the properties of QCD matter at high temperature and small baryochemical potential (muB). The region from moderate to high muB is of crucial interest for the understanding of strongly interacting matter (order of the phase transition to QGP, QCD critical point,...).

Several existing or planned facilities (GSI-SIS18, CERN-SPS, FAIR, NICA, JPARC, RHIC-BESII and fixed target) will provide collisions in an energy domain, O(10 GeV), extending our knowledge of the phase diagram towards higher densities. We will review the topics that can be studied at these facilities, with the aim of sharpening the corresponding physics programs and to investigate their complementarity.

The emphasis will be on the study of dileptons, heavy-quark and quarkonium, less explored in this energy domain. The status on hadronic bulk observables, a crucial tool for the detection of critical phenomena, will also be discussed




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Contact: Susan Driessen
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