Challenges to Transport Theory for Heavy-Ion Collisions

Meeting room (ECT* - Trento)

Meeting room

ECT* - Trento

Strada delle Tabarelle, 286 38123 - Villazzano (TN) Italy
Maria Colonna ( INFN-LNS ) (INFN-LNS), Pavel Danielewicz ( MSU & NSCL ) (MSU & NSCL), Akira Ono ( Tohoku University ) (Tohoku University), Hermann Wolter ( University of Munich ) (University of Munich), Jun Xu ( SINAP - CAS ) (SINAP - CAS )

Challenges to Transport Theory for Heavy-Ion Collisions

Transport theory is the main tool to extract physical information from heavy-ion collisions (HIC), like the nuclear equation-of-state. In this workshop we review the challenges and demands on transport theory in view of new facilities and experiments, and of new astrophysical observations. We focus on energies and corresponding densities, where a hadronic representation is appropriate. At present, transport dynamics is treated essentially as a semi-classical 1-body description. Necessary extensions are the specification of fluctuations, the introduction of dynamical correlations and clustering, including short-range correlations, and the treatment of off-shell effects ofparticle with widths. The workshop will discuss these questions and develop ways to replace the empirical treatments often used today. One vehicle for this are code comparisons under controlled conditions for heavy-ion-collisions and box calculations to study the treatment of these effects in simulations and to estimate the systematical error of transport descriptions.

Main Topics

  • Fluctuations and fragmentation dynamics in transport theories
  • Clusters and short-range correlations in transport theories
  • Quantum and off-shell effects
  • Meson and isobar production
  • Effective interactions, equation-of-state and astrophysical implications


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