LFC21: Strong Interactions from QCD to New Strong Dynamics at LHC and Future Colliders

The workshop will debate the recommendations of the European Strategy Particle Physics committee on future accelerators, taking particular care about the role played by strong interactions in the physics case of future colliders.

It will review the status of calculations and measurements in perturbative and non-perturbative QCD and whether their accuracy is sufficient to meet the goals of LHC and other accelerators.

Special attention will be paid to the phenomenology of top quarks, which play a role in all searches for new physics, either as background or as proxy to new particle signals.

From a BSM perspective, we will explore strongly-interacting scenarios which are capable of solving the current open problems of the Standard Model, such as composite-Higgs and other strong-dynamics models. The effect of strong interactions in flavour physics and cosmology observations, and the connection with collider physics will be debated too.

Because of the covid-19 pandemic, the workshop will be held online and will feature few talks, with much time allocated for discussion. The program will be organized according to general talks and topical sessions, chaired by the following organizers and conveners.



Gennaro Corcella (INFN LNF, chairman)

Stefania De Curtis (INFN Florence)

Stefano Moretti (Southampton U.)

Giulia Pancheri (INFN LNF)

Roberto Tenchini (INFN Pisa)

Marcel Vos (Valencia U.)



QCD: Giancarlo Ferrera (Milan U. & INFN)

Top physics: Francesco Tramontano (Naples U. & INFN)

Beyond the Standard Model: Aldo Deandrea (IP2I, Lyon), Roberto Franceschini (Rome 3 U. & INFN)




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Registration period: July 6 - September 02 on EVENTBRITE