Tackling The Real-Time Challenge In Strongly Correlated Systems: Spectral Properties From Euclidean Path Integrals

Experiments at the forefront of physics elucidate the real-time properties of strongly correlated quantum systems from the transport of quarks and gluons in a Quark-Gluon Plasma created in a heavy-ion collision to the conduction of electrons in a highly complex functional material. While simulations of Euclidean path integrals already provide unprecedented non-perturbative insight into the static properties of strongly correlated systems, access to real-time properties in the form of spectral information is still severely limited. Over the past decade the field has however witnessed significant progress in tackling this real-time challenge based on both conceptual developments, as well as improved data analysis strategies involving probabilistic reasoning. It is the goal of this workshop to bring together experts from different fields of physics, to discuss and explore synergies among these recently developed methods and chart a path towards robust determination of spectral real-time information from Euclidean path integrals.



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Registration period: July 13 - Sept. 6, 2021