Testing and Improving Models of Neutrino Nucleus Interactions in Generators

The neutrino oscillation research has moved in the past decade from the discovery stage to a mature field providing successively more accurate results leading to a better understanding of flavour and masses. Current and future experiments seek to measure the ordering of the neutrino masses, important for models of neutrino mass generation, and the discovery of CP violation, which provides another plausible source for the CP violation observed in today’s Universe. The extraction of neutrino properties requires the knowledge of the incoming neutrino energy and the efficiency in detectors which compromise between capabilities and total detector mass. The partial information available to such detectors must be mapped to true neutrino energies using data from neutrino experiments and models that attempt to describe these interactions. This workshop seeks to compare these models to data, and to implement new models in generators that are used for the analysis of data.

Main Topics

1.1 Neutrino Generators and Models

1.2 Short-Term Generator Goals

1.3 More exclusive final state descriptions

1.4 Universal theory API


2.1 Comparisons of Ab Initio Calculations to generators

2.2 Comparisons among FSI models

2.3 Comparison of Pion production to 0pi Final States

2.4 Low momentum and high momentum transfer model consistency


3.1 SuSA Implementation

3.2 SF Implementation

3.3 Factorizable Interfaces test w/ Hadron Tensor

3.4 Coulomb/Optical Potentials in Generators


4.1 Unified electron and neutrino models

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ECT* - Trento
Meeting room
Strada delle Tabarelle, 286 38123 - Villazzano (TN) Italy

Registration period: 11 March 2019 to 27 May 2019

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