15-19 July 2019
Europe/Rome timezone

List of participants

Ann-Kathrin Perrevoort Nikhef Netherlands
Briceno Raul ODU USA
Cavallaro Manuela INFN Italy
Cirigliano Vincenzo Los Alamos National Laboratory United States
Coraggio Luigi Istituto Nazionale Di Fisica Nucleare, Sezione Di Napoli Italy
Davoudi Zohreh University Of Maryland USA
De Vries Jordy University Of Massachusetts Amherst USA
Dekens Wouter University Of California, San Diego USA
Deppisch Frank University College London United Kingdom
Dolinski Michelle Drexel University United States
Engel Jonathan University Of North Carolina USA
Epelbaum Evgeny Ruhr University Bochum Germany
Fang DongLiang Institute Of Modern Physics, Chinese Academy Of Sciences China
Feng Xu Peking University China
Frekers Dieter Inst. F. Nucl. And Part. Phys. Germany
Girlanda Luca University Of Salento Italy
Graf Lukas Max Planck Institute For Nuclear Physics Germany
Horoi Mihai Central Michigan University USA
Magana Vsevolodovna Ruslan INFN - Istituto Nazionale Fisica Nucleare Sezione Di Genova Italy
McElvain Kenneth University Of California At Berkeley USA
Menendez Javier The University Of Tokyo Japan
Mereghetti Emanuele Los Alamos National Laboratory USA
Monge Camacho Henry University Of North Carolina At Chapel Hill United States
Murphy David Massachusetts Institute Of Technology USA
Novario Samuel University Of Tennessee United States Of America
Otsuka Takaharu University Of Tokyo / RIKEN Japan
Pastore Saori Washington University In St Louis Usa
Piarulli Maria Washington University US
Schindler Matthias University Of South Carolina USA
Van Kolck Ubirajara Institut De Physique Nucleaire D'Orsay France
Vogel Petr California Institute Of Technology United States
Vogel Petr California Institute Of Technology United States
Walker-Loud Andre Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory United States
Wang Xiaobao Huzhou University China
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