STRANEX: Recent progress and perspectives in STRANge EXotic atoms studies and related topics

from Monday, 21 October 2019 (08:00) to Friday, 25 October 2019 (18:00)
ECT* - Villa Tambosi (Meeting room)

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21 Oct 2019
22 Oct 2019
23 Oct 2019
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25 Oct 2019
09:00 Registration   (Meeting room)
09:45 Welcome   (Meeting room)
10:15 Single- and two-nucleon antikaon absorption in nuclear matter with chiral meson-baryon interactions - Jaroslava Hrtankova (NPI Rez)   (Meeting room)
10:45 --- Coffee Break ---
11:15 P- and D-wave relevance on meson-baryon interaction in S=-1 sector - Dr Albert Feijoo Aliau (Nuclear Physics Institute Of The Czech Academy Of Science)   (Meeting room)
11:45 Investigation of the low-energy K$^-$ hadronic interaction with nucleons by AMADEUS - Dr Raffaele Del Grande (INFN-LNF)   (Meeting room)
09:45 A novel and peculiar quantum system — K-meson and two protons bound state - Prof. Masahiko Iwasaki (RIKEN)   (Meeting room)
10:15 Hypertriton Lifetime Puzzle - Prof. Avraham Gal (Racah Institute Of Physics, The Hebrew University Of Jerusalem )   (Meeting room)
10:45 --- Coffee break ---
11:15 Possible Modification of a Hyperon in Hypernuclei - Prof. Hirokazu Tamura (Department Of Physics, Tohoku University)   (Meeting room)
11:45 The onset of ΛΛ hypernuclear binding - Mr Martin Schäfer ( Nuclear Physics Institute, Academy Of Sciences Of Czech Republic)   (Meeting room)
09:45 Proton-Kaon and proton-Omega interactions: bound states and coupled channels - Dr Oton Vazquez Doce (TU-Munich)   (Meeting room)
10:15 Charmed nuclei within a microscopic many-body approach - Dr Isaac Vidaña (INFN)   (Meeting room)
10:45 --- Coffeee Break ---
11:15 Search for Phi meson bound nucleus at J-PARC - Prof. Hiroaki Ohnishi (ELPH, Tohoku University)   (Meeting room)
11:45 Kaonic atom experiments at J-PARC - Dr Hashimoto Tadashi (RIKEN)   (Meeting room)
09:45 The physics of kaonic atoms in the last 20 years - Dr Diana Sirghi   (Meeting room)
10:15 SIDDHARTA-2 experiment at DAFNE collider - Dr Sirghi Florin   (Meeting room)
10:45 --- Coffeee Break ---
11:15 Monte-Carlo Methods in Optical Model Analysis of Kaonic Atoms - Prof. Eliahu Friedman   (Meeting room)
11:45 Advantages of "upper" orbitals in hadronic atoms - Prof. Wycech Slawomir   (Meeting room)
09:45 The Veto System for Kaonic Deuterium X-Ray Measurements at DAFNE - Ms Marlene Tüchler   (Meeting room)
10:15 ALICE Fast Interaction Trigger: Comparison of Fine Mesh PMs and SiPMs - Ms Sigrid Scherl   (Meeting room)
10:45 --- Coffee Break ---
11:15 Massive hadronic candidates for dark matter - Prof. Marco Merafina   (Meeting room)
11:45 Studies of discrete symmetries with the J-PET detector - Mr Krzysztof Khreptak   (Meeting room)
12:15 Impact of chiral symmetry constraints on the pole content of the antikaon-nucleon scattering amplitude - Dr Peter Christian Bruns (Nuclear Physics Institute Of The Czech Academy Of Sciences)   (Meeting room)
12:45 --- Lunch Break ---
14:30 etaN and eta'N treatment within meson-baryon coupled channels approach - Dr Ales Cieply (Nuclear Physics Institute, Czech Academy Of Sciences)   (Meeting room)
15:00 Search for eta-mesic helium with WASA-at-COSY facility - Dr Magdalena Skurzok (LNF-INFN)   (Meeting room)
15:30 --- Coffee break ---
16:00 Search for eta-mesic 3He in pd->dppi0 reaction using WASA-at-COSY detector - Mr Aleksander Khreptak (Jagiellonian University In Kraków)   (Meeting room)
16:30 Search for a Stable Six-Quark State at BABAR - Dr Alessandra Filippi (INFN Torino)   (Meeting room)
17:00 --- Welcome dinner buffet ---
12:15 Interplay between Δ Particles and Hyperons in Neutron Stars - Prof. Angels Ramos (University Of Barcelona)   (Meeting room)
12:45 --- Lunch ---
14:30 Impact of chiral hyperonic three-body forces on neutron stars - Isaac Vidaña on behalf of Domenico Logoteta (University of Pisa) ( INFN, Catania)   (Meeting room)
15:00 Lambda-nuclear three-body forces and hyperon puzzle in neutron stars - Prof. Wolfram Weise (Technical University Of Munich)   (Meeting room)
15:30 --- Coffee break ---
16:00 Recent HADES results on hyperon propagation in matter and phi in-medium properties - Prof. Laura Fabbietti (Technische Universität München)   (Meeting room)
16:30 Study of the Lambda-Lambda, Proton - Xi and Proton-Lambda final state interactions with the femtoscopy method at ALICE - Mr Bernhard Hohlweger (Technische Universität München)   (Meeting room)
17:00 Lambda(1405)pn final state in the K^- + ^3He reaction - Dr Fuminori Sakuma (RIKEN)   (Meeting room)
12:30 --- Lunch ---
12:15 Heavy Ξ- atoms at PANDA - Mr Marcel Steinen   (Meeting room)
12:45 --- Lunch ---
14:30 Status of X-ray spectroscopy of Xi− atom (J-PARC E03) - Dr Takeshi O. Yamamoto   (Meeting room)
15:00 X and gamma ray precision measurements for fundamental physics and radioprotecion - Dr Alessandro Scordo   (Meeting room)
15:30 --- Coffee break ---
16:00 Silicon Drift Detectors for Kaonic atoms spectroscopy at DAFNE, SIDDHARTA-2 experiment - Prof. Marco Miliucci   (Meeting room)
16:30 Characterisation of SDDs for SIDDHARTHA and J-PARC - Ms Barbara Reingruber   (Meeting room)
12:15 Gravity, entanglement and CPT violation in particle mixing - Dr Kyrilo Simonov   (Meeting room)
12:45 --- Closure ---
13:15 --- Lunch ---