Non-perturbative properties of evolving gluonic plasmas

by Kirill Boguslavski (TU Wien)

Webinar (Google Meet)


Google Meet

ECT* | Strada delle Tabarelle 286 38123 Villazzano (TN) - Italy
During ultrarelativistic heavy-ion collisions a quark-gluon plasma (QGP) is created. Its pre-equilibrium evolution includes a rich variety of exciting phenomena of Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD). We will focus on the regime of this evolution when gluonic occupation numbers are large, which can be achieved in the high energy (weak coupling) limit. Here a dual description in terms of real-time lattice simulations (of classical fields) and perturbative techniques like kinetic theory or the hard loop framework is applicable. This provides a unique opportunity to directly compare non-perturbative lattice simulations and perturbative methods, allowing to assess to what extent perturbative methods capture the non-equilibrium dynamics of the plasma. This strategy has been crucial in the development of our current understanding of the thermalization dynamics with weak-coupling techniques. In this talk, I will focus on some recently found and examined far-from-equilibrium properties, which involve classical attractors and universality classes, spectral functions, non-perturbative dynamics at low momenta and heavy-quark diffusion out of equilibrium.
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Jarkko Peuron

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